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0114 – parents

0114 – parents published on No Comments on 0114 – parents

Whenever I try to draw characters kissing I’m always too bashful to look up reference images, so I wing it and end up drawing them consuming each others faces. Well, there go my dreams of being a Shoujo romance artist. 😛

0104 – wake

0104 – wake published on No Comments on 0104 – wake

After dreading it for so long, for this comic I finally had to teach myself how to draw cars. It turned out to be pretty simple.

Step 1: Find a picture of a car.
Step 2: Trace it.
Step 3: Draw the rest of the frame in the same perspective as the car.

0061 – language

0061 – language published on No Comments on 0061 – language

Sedna’s probably already planned out the wedding, honeymoon, first 3 years of marriage, and the names of their children.

Poor Dini has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Wait until he finds out that there are over 2’000 kanji characters and multiple ways of pronouncing each one. Plus 46 hiragana characters, 46 katakana characters, and don’t even get me started on the grammar.