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0134 – zodiac

0134 – zodiac published on No Comments on 0134 – zodiac

This is also how sailors managed to navigate before GPS. As long as you know the date and time (of where you set off from) you can determine your longitude based on the position of the stars. Finding your latitude is easy, just see how far Polaris (the north star) is from the horizon… or Sigma Octanis if you’re in the superior hemisphere.

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Y no comics?

Y no comics? published on No Comments on Y no comics?

I’m really sorry about not posting any comics last week. I was riding my motorbike through the desert in Australia, and shockingly, there was no reception. Probably should have planned that a bit better. My bad.

The good news is, if you want to read more about my misadventures, I’m gonna’ start posting pictures on my Twitter account @thomaslmcdonell. So feel free to head over there and laugh at me trying to be cool.

Another schedule change post

Another schedule change post published on No Comments on Another schedule change post

Hey remember when I said Sedna would update once a week for “a few weeks”… 7 months ago? Well, don’t listen to me next time I say that. Obviously I have no time-management skills.

Anyway, I’m finally cutting back on anime and Total War and going back to two a week, so come back every Tuesday for more poorly-drawn space/dino zaniness. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

This again…

This again… published on No Comments on This again…

G’day guys. So I recently got a new job and have a bunch of uni assignments due soon which I really have to focus on, so unfortunately Sedna will only update once a week for the next few weeks. 🙁


Schedule Change

Schedule Change published on No Comments on Schedule Change

Hey lads. So for a bunch of boring reasons I’m not really capable of doing 3 strips a week anymore, and instead of slowly burning up my buffer and going on hiatus, I’m going to stop updating on Thursdays for the time being. Hopefully it’s just temporary. Maybe. Possibly. I don’t know. Please don’t hate me. 🙁

Announcement & Bonus Comic on Tapastic

Announcement & Bonus Comic on Tapastic published on No Comments on Announcement & Bonus Comic on Tapastic

Click here!

…or else.

Merry Christmas lads!

Merry Christmas lads! published on No Comments on Merry Christmas lads!

Update update

Update update published on No Comments on Update update

Good news lads! In celebration of the fact that I have a really big buffer and nothing better to do, Sedna will now update 3 times a week for the indefinite future. So come back on Thursdays for 50% more weekly space geekiness!

Or don’t… whatever, it’s your life.