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0131 – success

0131 – success published on No Comments on 0131 – success

Anyone who’s played Kerbal Space Program knows that ‘don’t forget the parachute’ is the first rule of rocket science.

Hey! Happy 2018 everyone! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably broken your New Year’s Resolution already. On the plus side, there’s a lot to look forward to this year. In January, the first Falcon Heavy launch, which will be the biggest (current) rocket in the world. In July and August, the Hayabusa 2 and OSIRIS-REx spacecrafts arrive at their respective asteroids. New Horizons will reach its new target on New Years Day 2019. Plus there are lunar eclipses in January and July.

0118 – liftoff 2

0118 – liftoff 2 published on No Comments on 0118 – liftoff 2

A while ago I installed an app that prompts me whenever there’s an impending rocket launch, and yeah… it’s not doing my sleep schedule any favours. Also I’m pretty sure you have to do a throwback comic at least twice before it becomes a running gag, so expect to see this setup again in about 6 months. 😛