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I am Tom, the creator of this website. Bow before me!

0137 – taurus

0137 – taurus published on No Comments on 0137 – taurus

When drawing the Pioneer plaque I traced the real thing but then scale up the heads to make it fit this universe.

Also hopefully I’ll do a comic about the star cluster ‘Pleiades’ at some point, because it’s super interesting.

Y No Comics Again?

Y No Comics Again? published on No Comments on Y No Comics Again?

“Thomas, where the heck have you been?! Where are my Sedna comics?! Why are you so attractive?!” – you (maybe)
Well, turns out there’s a big flood in north-western Australia and I’ve been stuck in a roadhouse with no internet until just now when a lovely gentleman hotspotted his phone for me. …And I didn’t take my own advice about uploading stuff in advance, because I’m stupid. Anyway, I’ve got a bit of a buffer now, so I’m gonna’ try really hard not to miss any more updates for the next month while I’m away from home. Please don’t be mad at me.

0135 – little animals

0135 – little animals published on No Comments on 0135 – little animals

Specifically Pisces, the two fish.

You could maybe count Cancer and Scorpius, but I’m pretty sure in Greek mythology they’re a giant crab and a giant scorpion. Because you know, everything is scaled up ridiculously in Greek mythology.

0134 – zodiac

0134 – zodiac published on No Comments on 0134 – zodiac

This is also how sailors managed to navigate before GPS. As long as you know the date and time (of where you set off from) you can determine your longitude based on the position of the stars. Finding your latitude is easy, just see how far Polaris (the north star) is from the horizon… or Sigma Octanis if you’re in the superior hemisphere.

Y no comics?

Y no comics? published on No Comments on Y no comics?

I’m really sorry about not posting any comics last week. I was riding my motorbike through the desert in Australia, and shockingly, there was no reception. Probably should have planned that a bit better. My bad.

The good news is, if you want to read more about my misadventures, I’m gonna’ start posting pictures on my Twitter account @thomaslmcdonell. So feel free to head over there and laugh at me trying to be cool.

0131 – success

0131 – success published on No Comments on 0131 – success

Anyone who’s played Kerbal Space Program knows that ‘don’t forget the parachute’ is the first rule of rocket science.

Hey! Happy 2018 everyone! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably broken your New Year’s Resolution already. On the plus side, there’s a lot to look forward to this year. In January, the first Falcon Heavy launch, which will be the biggest (current) rocket in the world. In July and August, the Hayabusa 2 and OSIRIS-REx spacecrafts arrive at their respective asteroids. New Horizons will reach its new target on New Years Day 2019. Plus there are lunar eclipses in January and July.