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I am Tom, the creator of this website. Bow before me!

0104 – wake

0104 – wake published on No Comments on 0104 – wake

After dreading it for so long, for this comic I finally had to teach myself how to draw cars. It turned out to be pretty simple.

Step 1: Find a picture of a car.
Step 2: Trace it.
Step 3: Draw the rest of the frame in the same perspective as the car.

0100 – space

0100 – space published on No Comments on 0100 – space

YAYY! 100 Comics! Thanks so much everyone for sticking with me.

This is probably an appropriate time for shameless self promotion, so… if you like this comic please share it with your buddies on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you kids are using these days. You can find me at: