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0084 – solar panels

0084 – solar panels published on No Comments on 0084 – solar panels

Of course, Sedna is also open to getting a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, like the Curiosity rover. However she acknowledges that not everyone is particularly comfortable with having Plutonium-238 in their house.

Also ‘tousan’ means father in Japanese (obviously). It’s pronounced like ‘toe-sahn’.

0025 – adult stuff

0025 – adult stuff published on 1 Comment on 0025 – adult stuff

Hey guys. Usually I draw my comics months in advance, but given recent events I thought I’d quickly draw a special comic just for today. While it’s easy to see a lot of hatred and division going around, there are many people choosing to keep a positive message, and I thought I’d add to that in the most Sedna way possible.

Stay safe. Next comic on Saturday as usual. 😀