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0025 – adult stuff

0025 – adult stuff published on No Comments on 0025 – adult stuff

Hey guys. Usually I draw my comics months in advance, but given recent events I thought I’d quickly draw a special comic just for today. While it’s easy to see a lot of hatred and division going around, there are many people choosing to keep a positive message, and I thought I’d add to that in the most Sedna way possible.

Stay safe. Next comic on Saturday as usual. 😀

0005 – the other titans

0005 – the other titans published on No Comments on 0005 – the other titans

The original convention for naming moons of Saturn was to name them after Titans… until they ran out of Titans. Now they name them after basically whatever mythological character they can think of.

If you want to actually see the moons of Saturn, fortunately Wikipedia made a much more helpful infographic than mine:

Moons of Saturn (stolen shamelessly from Wikipedia)

0004 – titan

0004 – titan published on No Comments on 0004 – titan

Titan is currently the only body in the outer solar system that we have successfully landed on. Also, all the mountains on Titan are named after mountains from Middle Earth – Mithrim Montes is the tallest, and Doom Mons (which sits right next to Erebor Mons, of course) is the biggest.

But seriously, everything about this place is just weird.