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0114 – parents

0114 – parents published on No Comments on 0114 – parents

Whenever I try to draw characters kissing I’m always too bashful to look up reference images, so I wing it and end up drawing them consuming each others faces. Well, there go my dreams of being a Shoujo romance artist. 😛

0113 – space bullets

0113 – space bullets published on No Comments on 0113 – space bullets

This fun fact is guaranteed to make you friends.

In other news, yesterday we lost a great space probe and a very dear friend: Cassini, the brave explorer of Saturn and its moons that made the very first Sedna storyline possible. Now he has been put to rest in the heart of the planet he studied for 13 years. Godspeed you magnificent spacecraft. 🛰

Hopefully there’ll be a proper tribute comic for Cassini some time in the near future.

0111 – orion nebula

0111 – orion nebula published on No Comments on 0111 – orion nebula

The Orion Nebula is about 24 light-years (or 227 trillion kilometres) across, but isn’t even close to being the biggest nebula. I highly recommend you go see it, but make sure you find a place with no light pollution because nebulae are annoyingly faint.

0109 – options

0109 – options published on No Comments on 0109 – options

Unfortunately there probably won’t be an eclipse comic because this whole ‘1 update a week’ thing has made this storyline go for way longer than I’d planned (and because the characters live on the other side of the world, so at best they’d be watching a livestream of it). Sorry guys, maybe next time.

Buuut if someone wants to buy me a plane ticket to America, I might consider a bonus comic. Just sayin’. 😛

0106 – milky way

0106 – milky way published on No Comments on 0106 – milky way

I’m probably going to have to come back and update this comic in the future, as there could be anywhere between 100 and 400 billion stars in the Milky Way (depending on how many tiny stars there are, which are hard to see).

Let it be known that this author gets all his facts from only the very latest and most up-to-date Wikipedia pages.