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0091 – go

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Go (aka Igo/Weiqi/Baduk) is an absolutely fascinating game. It as invented in ancient China over 2’500 years ago, has very few rules, and has more possible games than the total number of atoms in the universe. The game is so complicated people can (and have) spend a lifetime studying it, and yet the rules are so simple, if there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe they will almost certainly play Go.

If Chess is a battle, then Go is a grand strategy game with both war and peace. There is no winning by total domination, instead it’s a game of balance, making small sacrifices for slightly larger gains in order to capture slightly more territory than your opponent. The differences between Chess and Go almost represent the differences between traditional Eastern and Western culture.

Also, unlike the producers of ‘A Beautiful Mind’, I actually took the time to create a realistic game. Seriously Ron Howard, was that so difficult?

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