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0118 – liftoff 2

0118 – liftoff 2 published on No Comments on 0118 – liftoff 2

A while ago I installed an app that prompts me whenever there’s an impending rocket launch, and yeah… it’s not doing my sleep schedule any favours. Also I’m pretty sure you have to do a throwback comic at least twice before it becomes a running gag, so expect to see this setup again in about 6 months. 😛

0114 – parents

0114 – parents published on No Comments on 0114 – parents

Whenever I try to draw characters kissing I’m always too bashful to look up reference images, so I wing it and end up drawing them consuming each others faces. Well, there go my dreams of being a Shoujo romance artist. 😛

0104 – wake

0104 – wake published on No Comments on 0104 – wake

After dreading it for so long, for this comic I finally had to teach myself how to draw cars. It turned out to be pretty simple.

Step 1: Find a picture of a car.
Step 2: Trace it.
Step 3: Draw the rest of the frame in the same perspective as the car.

0097 – principal

0097 – principal published on 1 Comment on 0097 – principal

Pretty sure anyone who went to my high school will immediately recognise the Principal. 😛

Also, not that anyone cares, but Sedna is now officially the longest running webcomic I’ve ever done, surpassing my previous webcomic which-shall-never-be-named. So… yay me?